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Why DJ Mike Napoli?

First of all, Congratulations!!!

Planning a wedding can be stressful and time-consuming, and it may seem overwhelming.  With so many important decisions to make your special day absolutely perfect, the task of hiring a fun and successful wedding DJ can seem daunting to say the least!  With the venue being your biggest decision, you then have to decide on the floral display, the food, the perfect photographer to capture all of those wonderful moments, and the list goes on!  So much research, so many choices!

But one of the most important and sometimes overlooked is your choice of a wedding DJ. The success of your wedding depends largely on the experience of your wedding entertainer. So why choose Mike Napoli?

Craig & Heather Said…..

5 Stars

“We Were Thrilled With DJ Mike Napoli! My Guests Have Given Us Nothing But Compliments About The Dance Floor Scene!”

Craig Vandevusse

Schenectady, NY Wedding (8/5/17)

I’ve been told that my couples feel comfortable with me right from the very beginning with my warm and easy going personality and abundant wealth of information that helps generate some amazing ideas and ultimately builds a flawless wedding reception.  My job starts long before your big day! I am here to help guide you through the entire process from start to finish.  You and I will collaborate through our very thorough consultation meetings whether it’s in person, video conference or by phone.  We will talk about all of the specifics of your special night, right through the end of your wedding.  All of our past and present couples RAVE about our online event planner, a valuable tool to help you structure your wedding, choose music and so much more!  But

Sudhir Said….

5 Stars

“Throughout the whole process, from our first meeting to the end of the event, he was professional, courteous and enthusiastic” –

Sudhir Khan

Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Church

Albany, NY Wedding

I treat each and every wedding as if it is my one and only and ALWAYS put 200% effort into making your night nothing short of spectacular!  With almost 20 years of experience (7 of those being weddings), gives me the edge that most of my competitors lack.  I have beautifully crafted my talent of seamlessly mixing the songs that you and your guests want to hear into one another while creating tasteful and intriguing smooth transitions and invoking excitement on the dance floor for guests of all ages.  Anyone can simply press play and let the song run it’s course, let’s get creative and mix!

“But Mike, my friend or relative is a hobbyist or club DJ and said that they will DJ my event as a gift or for much cheaper!”

That is a kind sentiment from your friend, but honestly there is so much more that goes into what I or any other full time wedding DJ does that your friend or relative (no matter how great he or she is) just simply cannot provide.  First of all, a club DJ has the skills to rock a club, but will lack some other necessary skills that it takes to be a successful Wedding Entertainer.  On the other hand, a wedding DJ will have the know how and skill to rock your wedding reception, but might lack the talent to rock the hottest club.  I personally have experience with both wedding AND club environments, but the education, training and eventually experience doing weddings is what made me most versatile in both situations.  A club DJ, or friend or relative who doesn’t do this full time may have the hottest mixes, but what about the rest of the night?  Do they have experience with introducing your bridal party? Eliciting a roaring response from your guests when they speak in front of a room full of 100+ people?  Can they coordinate with the banquet staff to make sure that the champagne is poured before toasts, formalities are wrapped up on time to allow for warm meals to be served and coordinate with your Photographer and Videographers to make sure that these vendors are ready to capture those special moments?  Unlike your friend or that club DJ, I spend weeks, sometimes months leading up to your event, checking in with you occassionally to make sure that by the time your special day rolls around, EVERYTHING is perfect!  A veteran wedding DJ like myself knows when and when NOT to speak on the microphone.  Crafting a pleasant public speaking voice, having microphone etiquette and knowing what to say and when and how to say it is another art form all within itself.  I will enthusiastically introduce your wedding party, occassionally engage with your guests on the microphone, work and coordinate with all of your vendors to make sure that we are all working on the same page.  Who needs to hear a DJ shout into the microphone all night over each and every song?  I create a fun and welcoming environment for your guests without being a “hype” DJ who needs to be constantly on the microphone!

You can be rest assured on the day of your next event, knowing I’m there to help make it the best it can be. I will play the music you and your guests want to hear and will arrive 1-2 hours early to set up my sound equipment and lighting. If you’re looking for a professional DJ, give me a call at (518)486-0363 or Email me and let’s discuss my rates, repertoire, and any additional requests you may have.

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